How it works

How does Roaring Content work?

We have written this guide to how all of our non-subscription services work. A guide to our Subscription Services can be found on their pages. Click here for the blog guide.

Step 1: Choose your Product 

We offer a wide variety of content. All of our content is conveniently housed under our web content, SEO content and PR content pages in our content store.

To start your order, simply choose the content product you need from our content store and select the number of words you would like your content to be.

If you already have content ideas or even a full brief, we will gather this information from you in Step 4.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2: Select any Add ons your require

You’re saving time on creating content, why not on idea-generation and research too? To save even more time and create even greater content,  you can ask us to:

  • Research content ideas
  • Create a content title
  • Do your keyword research
  • Carry out interviews (via email or Skype)
  • Provide licensed stock images
  • Write social media posts

And lots more! Each content product has their very own list of add-on options, specific to that product, that we can help you with!


Step 3: Add Product and Complete Checkout

Once you have chosen your content product/s and any add-ons you need, simply add these to your basket and proceed to complete checkout.

You’ll then be set up with your own Roaring Content account. Here you can check the progress of your order/s, review your briefs and order more content.



Step 4: Your Order is Confirmed

You will receive two emails. The first is your order confirmation. The second will contain a link to your order so you can provide the additional information to help us complete your order — all filled in and ready to send in under 5 mins!

This information will include:

  • Your website address
  • Content titles (if you have not selected any add-ons)
  • Keywords (if you have not selected any add-ons)
  • Your content brief

Once this is filled in, you’re all set and we will start writing your content.


Step 5: Your Content is Ready

Once your order has been written and fully edited, you will receive an email saying it’s ready to download from your account.

Simply click to accept final delivery to complete your order.

Of course, throughout the entire process, we are here to help and answer any questions you have!



And you’re all done!

Your Roaring Content is ready and raring to impress, engage and convert.


Want a Content Strategy and great content delivered every month? 

Who is Roaring Content For?


Brands looking for convenient, high-quality and effective content, delivered on-time, every time


Brands looking for help with idea generation and research to optimise their online presence


Brands who need a trusted partner to write their content and work alongside their content calendar

Why Roaring Content?

No minimum order

Fast turnaround times. Guaranteed to be with you in 5 working days

Clear + competitive pricing

Simple + quick process

Original high-quality content managed and edited by our in-house journalist and commercial editor

Optimised content for search engines

Order 24/7 online

All editing is included in price

Specialist handpicked writers

Need a bespoke managed content service tailored for your business?

Lion Spirit Media can put together a proposal to exactly meet your business's needs.

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