Build Your Own Monthly Custom Blog Subscription Package

Subscription Starts from £65.00 for each 30 days

How to order

  1. Select the number of words you want for each blog post. We offer up to 500/1000/1500/2000/2500 words.
  2. Select your billing frequency. We offer a 5% discount for quarterly billing.
  3. Select any add-ons you would like for each post.
  4. Want more than one blog each month? Increase the quantity.
  5. Fill in company and competitor information so that we can carry out Topic/Keyword Research for your website
  6. Click Sign Up Now and checkout
  7. Once we have received your payment confirmation we will be in touch with you to agree on the topic for your post(s)
  8. Once written (Usually within 5 days) we will email you the content for your approval.
  9. As long as your subscription is active we will continue to write content for you each month. You can also switch between subscriptions each month to suit your budget.
  • Extras

    Complete your blog subscription by adding our extras

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    *Company Name

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    Competitor Information

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Custom Standard Blog Packages

Want great content for your website regularly? We can produce quality content for your site every month!

This service is our Standard Blog writing service – If your site is in a Specialist Industry such as legal, financial, medical, pharmaceutical and engineering fields. Please use our Specialist Blog Subscription Service that can be found here.

Included in all of our Custom Standard Blog packages is:

  • A Bespoke Content Strategy for your business
  • Topic and Keyword Research (If required, we are also happy to write on any topic you suggest)
  • Proofreading and editing by a qualified journalist and editor
  • A monthly SEO audit to spot any potential errors in your site

Add-ons available

  • Stock image (1 per post)
  • Copy for Social Media to promote each post
  • A Short Video to promote your new content on Social Media

A blog post is an engaging piece of informative, educational, advisory or entertaining content that appears on your website to help showcase your expertise, experience and latest insights to potential and existing customers. Many industries benefit from the knowledge and understanding that a blog post conveys. Designed to build awareness of your brand, a blog post can help you create a rapport with your readers and reach far and wide. A blog uses your own specific brand and industry expertise to provide information of value to readers by exploring a specific topic, product, service or industry.

As with all of our content, our blog posts are completely bespoke for you and your business. We create these from the time of your order and deliver them to you, within a 5-day turnaround time. Our team of specialist, highly-qualified and experienced writers research and analyse your company, industry and the specific technical subject matter to ensure your blog post is accurate and completed to the highest quality. Our content director, who is an active journalist and editor with over eight years’ industry experience will then oversee and edit your content to ensure it is the very best for you and your brand.

You can find out more about our Blog Subscription plans here

How does a blog post stand out as part of web and SEO content? 

A blog post forms a crucial part of your web content, as they enable you to:

  • Convey subject matters clearly
  • Target specific audiences
  • Engage these target audiences
  • Showcase your unique style, tone and voice
  • Build brand awareness
  • Keep your audiences, industry and partners in the know
  • Deliver thought-leadership
  • Provide latest insights
  • Offer in-depth information
  • Share your expertise
  • Create a rapport with your readership
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Create content that is not dependent on being newsworthy and immediate
  • Form part of comprehensive and effective marketing and SEO strategies


  • All blog posts are original and made specifically for you, from scratch
  • All blog posts are optimised for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), (if keywords are included in the brief or if you ask us to carry out keyword research)
  • All blog posts are then optimised by our dedicated SEO manager
  • All blog posts are managed and edited by our content director, who is a qualified and active journalist and editor
  • All copyright will be transferred to you, upon delivery



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